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Effective in September, the university has just announced that they will extend the hours for computer labs until 12 a.m. Monday to Friday. In addition to this change, the school will hire more staff and they will be computer major students prepared to give enough assistance to students. The school hopes that this change will encourage the students to use the labs more often and that they will be satisfied with the technical help that he new assistants can offer. 





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(Male) Hey Mary, did you read this? The school will open the computer lab until 12 a.m. every day.

(Female) Yes, this is wonderful news. I am especially happy with this decision that they will hire computer majors to work as assistants.

(Male) Why, didn’t you like the other assistants? They helped me a lot when I asked for help.

(Female) They were ok. They were able to answer general questions. But I couldn’t not get satisfactory help because they didn’t know how to use the computers properly. I mean last year, I had to print out some materials for my presentation and the printer got jammed. I asked one of the workers to help me out with this but he too didn't know how to fix the problem. Because of this incident I had to go over to another lab and retype the whole thing. It took me another three hours.

(Male) I agree with you on that. I once asked one of the staff to help me use Windows office and he didn't have a clue how to use windows XP at all.

(Female) Not only that. There has been a problem with the lab not staying open for the students who need to work until late. The school didn't open the lab because they didn’t have enough staff members. Now when the school will hire more people and extend the lab’s hours, I think many students will be satisfied with this change.







Wonderful news

Old assistance helped

Computer major – assistance

Didn't know how to use computers properly

Printer got jammed / another lab

Not enough staff to work late

More staff – more students satisfied




The woman gives her opinion about this change. What are her reasons for holding this opinion?







The announcement says that the lab's hours of operations will be extended. And more qualified staff will be hired to better help students. As a result, students are expected to attend the labs more often and be more satisfied with the lab's performance.




Two friends are discussing if it’s a good change or not. The woman’s opinion is that it’s is a wonderful idea. She gives a few reasons to support itShe thinks that it will help because some of the old assistants could not provide her the help that she needed.


The woman gives an example that when the printer in her lab got jammed the staff could not help her. She had to go to another lab and retype and print her work from scratch


Also, she said that students who have to work late will be more satisfied too. Before, the school could not keep the lab open late because of the shortage in staff.




So that's why she thinks that it’s a very good idea to change the staff and extend the operating hours.


Read by George William Dole

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Vocabulary (используйте карточки для слов, которые сложно запоминаются):



extend [ɪkˈstend]



expect [ɪkˈspekt]

ожидать, рассчитывать


got jammed [dʒæmd]

застрять, заклинить


from scratch [skrætʃ]

начать все с самого начала


Read by George William Dole


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